Subsea Engineering Specialisation Application Form

The Subsea Engineering & Operations Technical Group assessment aims to generate and maintain a Register of SUT-accredited Subsea Engineers who are experienced in the design, installation, and operation of equipment, facilities, and systems situated in the vicinity of the seabed. Whilst strongly endorsing the pursuit of Chartered Engineer status, the SUT accepts that there may be suitably experienced candidates who are not chartered, but a recognised engineering degree is usually a prerequisite.
The register is available to the subsea industry with the objective of assisting suitably experienced Subsea Engineers in the progression of their career and assisting the subsea industry in recognising and selecting Subsea Specialist Engineers.
Applicants who wish to be considered for recognition as an SUT accredited Subsea Engineer must be a personal member of the SUT or in the employment of a Corporate SUT Member.
An assessment panel, endorsed by the SUT Council, will scrutinise the applicant’s submission. The panel will meet six–monthly and successful applicants will be placed on the listing and informed by email and letter. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the reasons for not qualifying. The Register of SUT-accredited Subsea Engineers will be published on the SUT website.


The register is aimed at subsea engineers with 10 years or more relevant work experience. The following subsea engineering core areas have been identified:

  • General Subsea Engineering
  • Concept Selection
  • Flow Assurance/Process
  • Umbilicals, Risers & Flowlines
  • Subsea Facilities
  • Wells
  • Controls
  • Installation & Intervention

As a minimum, candidates for inclusion on the Register of SUT-accredited Subsea Engineers are expected to demonstrate competence in at least two core areas and awareness in two core areas. There is no expectation that candidates will be able to populate all core areas, but it is expected that the candidate will also demonstrate general experience pertaining to subsea engineering.


The Society will maintain a Register of SUT Accredited Subsea Engineers which will be available to those who engage, employ or otherwise utilise practitioners of this engineering specialisation.

For further information, please contact:
SUT, Nunn Hayward LLP, 2-4 Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross, SL9 7QE

t: + 44 (0)7947 911992