Tom Bennetts, CMarTech

Tom Bennetts has worked at Sonardyne since 2004 and currently managing the Applications Group ensuring technically pioneering Systems are optimally integrated into customer solutions. The ability to control multiple AUV’s from ASV’s is a rapidly emerging market which demands novel concepts and a reliable platform of interconnected instrumentation. Tom frequently works with the National Oceanography Centre’s Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems embedding acoustic positioning, optical comms, Sonar, Doppler inertial and control of vehicles over Sat comms. After graduating from Liverpool University as a Geophysicist in 1998 spent 6 years conducting inshore geotechnical survey work for renewable market and coastal infrastructure developments. Since joining Sonardyne has project managed many products and supported them in the field giving a broad knowledge throughout the marine technology community.

Member of the Society for Underwater Technology

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