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The Chartered Marine Technologist (CMarTech), Registered Marine Technologist (RMarTech), Chartered Marine Scientists (CMarSci), Registered Marine Scientists (RMarSci), and Marine Technician (MarTech) are registered by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology (IMarEST), which has a Royal Charter from the United Kingdom, to award suitably qualified and experienced applicants Marine Technologist Registries. CMarTech, RMarTech, CMarSci, RMarSci, and MarTech are professionals, who harness, exploit, manage, use or apply marine technology in the pursuit of wealth creation and/or the provision of services in the marine sector. They are characterised by their ability to deal with complex issues, both systematically and creatively and can make sound judgments in the absence of complete data to develop solutions to problems and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences. SUT and MTS have been licensed by the IMarEST to offer the Marine Technologist and Marine Scientist certification program. 

Candidates’ credentials and experience are scrutinised by experts in Marine Technology and Marine Science in a rigorous vetting process. Only the most highly qualified and experienced candidates are invited to join the elite group of Marine Technologists and Marine Scientists.


SUT and MTS are proud to welcome the remarkable marine technologists  listed below to the elite group of Chartered Marine Technologists. We would like to extend our gratitude to all who have worked so hard to launch this program, including our Registrars, Richard Spinrad and Ralph Rayner; and our Assessors, Justin Manley, Vitad Pradith, Hans van Sumeren, Paul Jubinski, Stephen Hall, Colin Grant, and David Saul.

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Chartered Marine Technologist……Year Certified
Ed Bailey2021
Rick Cole2021
Paul Jubinski2021
Mike Jugan2021
Donna Kocak2021
Josh Kohut2021
Hans Van Sumeren2021
R Venkatesan2021
Jill Zande2021
Andrew Ziegwied2021
Tom Bennetts2020
John Houlder2020
Michael Lombardi2020
David Pearson2020
Joseph Pratt2020
André Rose2020

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