UT2 – Issue 3, 2022

Edgetech's pole-mounted 6205s2 bathymetry/side scan sonar

The latest 2022 issue of UT2 (Underwater Technology) magazine is now available! Jam-packed with all the latest subsea industry news, interesting technological developments for subsea, offshore and geotechnics engineering, plus innovative solutions to harness renewable energy. Check out the range of interesting articles in this issue which includes:

  • SEAPIX-R 3D Volume Sonar
  • Saildrone Voyager uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs)
  • Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO’s) novel Wirewalker vertical profiling system
  • EdgeTech Buried Object Scanning Sonar (EBOSS) sediment-penetrating 3D synthetic aperture sonar (SAS)
  • SeaTwirl’s wind turbines
  • Seawind’s twin-bladed turbine
  • How Herrenknecht OFD (Offshore Foundation Drilling) modified its tools to drill through monopiles and down into the bedrock to achieve a suitable foundation
  • The latest products showcased at Oceanology International 2022 (London)
  • plus a lot more…

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