SUT Key Information

Officers and Council

President M Crawford
Chair S John
Immediate Past President J Patten MBE
Immediate Past Chair D Saul
Honorary Secretary I Knight
Honorary Treasurer N Carey
Secretary to Council C Burgess


Dr M A Atmanand
Andrew Connelly
Steve Duffield
Sarah Elkhatib
Terry Griffiths
Martin Harley
Tricia Hill
Frank Lim
Richard Luff
Bob MacDonald
Julie Morgan
Prof Ralph Rayner
David Saul
Nick Swift

Special Interest Groups/Committees of Council Chairs

Defence – N Swift
Diving and Manned Submersibles – Dr M Sayer
Education – D Saul
Environmental Forces (SUTGEF) – Q Ma
International – S Hall
Marine Environmental Science – K Cross
Marine Renewable Energies – Prof J Sharp
Ocean Resources – R Rogers
Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnics – N Morgan
Policy Advisory – C Burgess
Salvage and Decommissioning – M Crawford & K Seath
International Underwater Vehicles and Robotics Group – N Bose
Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) – M Cook

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Past Presidents

1967-70     Rear Admiral Sir Edmund Irving KBE, CB
1970-72     ID Richardson
1972-73     Dr KEW Ridler
1973-74     Dr J Birks CBE
1975-76     HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh
1977-78     Sir James Lighthill
1979-80    J Houlder CBE
1981-83     Surgeon Vice-Admiral Sir John Rawlins KBE
1984-85    G Williams CBE
1986-87    Prof TD Patten CBE
1988-89    FG Larminie OBE
1990-91     Admiral Sir Lindsay Bryson KCB
1992-93     Sir Richard Morris CBE
1994-95     Rear Admiral MA Vallis CB
1996-97     Sir Anthony Laughton FRS
1998-99     J d’Ancona CB
2000-01    CE Henderson CB
2002-03   CM Smith CBE
2004-05   AG Senior CBE
2006-07    M Leece OBE
2008-09   DA Brookes
2010-11     C SummerHayes
2012-13     Dr WD Loth
2014-15     Prof G Griffiths
2016-17     Dr DW Kirkley
2018-20     Prof R Rayner
2020-21     J Patten MBE

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Past Vice Presidents and Chairmen of Council

1967-70   ID Richardson
1970-72   Dr KEW Ridler
1972-76   K Haigh
1977         CJ Antonakis
1978-79  D Thornton
1980-81  AG Senior CBE
1982-84  R Goodfellow
1985-87   DA Ardus
1988-89  DJ Hampson
1990-92  CF Lafferty
1993-95  Dr WD Loth
1996-98  Dr DW Kirkley
1999-00  R Barrett
2001-04  DA Brookes
2005-07  Prof G Griffiths
2007-08  Dr RL Allwood
2009-11   P Metcalf
2012-13   S Hall
2014-17   P Metcalf
2018        D Saul

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