SUT Key Information

Officers and Council

President B Sykes
Chair S John
Immediate Past President M Crawford
Immediate Past Chair D Saul
Honorary Secretary N Swift
Honorary Treasurer
Secretary to Council C Burgess


S Duffield
A Elkadi
S Elkhatib
J Morgan
T Sloane
M Stemp
M Theobald
Prof R Rayner
G Whitehead

Special Interest Groups/Committees of Council Chairs

Defence – N Swift
Diving and Manned Submersibles – Dr M Sayer
Education – D Saul
Environmental Forces (SUTGEF) – Q Ma
International – S Hall
Marine Environmental Science – K Cross
Marine Renewable Energies – Prof J Sharp
Ocean Resources – R Rogers
Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnics – N Morgan
Policy Advisory – C Burgess
Salvage and Decommissioning – M Crawford & K Seath
International Underwater Vehicles and Robotics Group – N Bose
Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) – M Cook

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Past Presidents

1967-70     Rear Admiral Sir Edmund Irving KBE, CB
1970-72     ID Richardson
1972-73     Dr KEW Ridler
1973-74     Dr J Birks CBE
1975-76     HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh
1977-78     Sir James Lighthill
1979-80    J Houlder CBE
1981-83     Surgeon Vice-Admiral Sir John Rawlins KBE
1984-85    G Williams CBE
1986-87    Prof TD Patten CBE
1988-89    FG Larminie OBE
1990-91     Admiral Sir Lindsay Bryson KCB
1992-93     Sir Richard Morris CBE
1994-95     Rear Admiral MA Vallis CB
1996-97     Sir Anthony Laughton FRS
1998-99     J d’Ancona CB
2000-01    CE Henderson CB
2002-03   CM Smith CBE
2004-05   AG Senior CBE
2006-07    M Leece OBE
2008-09   DA Brookes
2010-11     C SummerHayes
2012-13     Dr WD Loth
2014-15     Prof G Griffiths
2016-17     Dr DW Kirkley
2018-20     Prof R Rayner
2020-21     J Patten MBE

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Past Vice Presidents and Chairmen of Council

1967-70   ID Richardson
1970-72   Dr KEW Ridler
1972-76   K Haigh
1977         CJ Antonakis
1978-79  D Thornton
1980-81  AG Senior CBE
1982-84  R Goodfellow
1985-87   DA Ardus
1988-89  DJ Hampson
1990-92  CF Lafferty
1993-95  Dr WD Loth
1996-98  Dr DW Kirkley
1999-00  R Barrett
2001-04  DA Brookes
2005-07  Prof G Griffiths
2007-08  Dr RL Allwood
2009-11   P Metcalf
2012-13   S Hall
2014-17   P Metcalf
2018        D Saul

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