Annual Report 2018-2019


Chair: Segen Estefan

The SUT Rio Branch has promoted the Workshop on Offshore Wind & Ocean Renewable Energy, supported the Biannual Conference of the Brazilian Society of Naval Architecture and sent representatives to the SUT China Branch joint technical meeting, 2nd China-Brazil Deepwater Forum, that took place in Beijing in September 2018 in partnership with the Petroleum University of China. This also provided an opportunity for our Chair Professor Estefen to meet SUT CEO Steve Hall and discuss ideas on how to regrow the Branch, which is today mainly active in universities but used to have a large private oil & gas sector membership as well.

1st Workshop on Offshore Wind and Renewable Ocean Energy
Hotel Florida, Rio de Janeiro, 5 June 2019
Jointly organized by COPPE, Brazilian Society of naval Architecture (SOBENA) and SUT – Rio Branch
Audience: 180 persons

27th International Congress on Waterbone Transportation , Shipbuilding, and Offshore
FIRJAN, Rio de Janeiro, 23-25 October 2018
Organized by Brazilian Society of Naval Architecture, with the support of SUT Brazil Branch
Audience: 800 persons

Brazil branch member Prof Carlos Levi speaking at joint China-Brazil technical conference Beijing September 2018