Annual Report 2019-2020

Chair: Segen Estefan

The SUT Rio Branch has planned two events for the first semester of 2020 that were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brazil-China Conference on Offshore Engineering, and the 2nd Workshop on Offshore Wind and Renewable Ocean Energy.

Seminar: Ocean Renewable Energy

22 October 2019, COPPE – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Audience: 70 persons. Presenter: Dr. Milad Shadman

Strategy for the Post-Pandemic Activities

Due to the successful experience with online seminars and courses, the SUT- Rio Branch is planning to use the same technology to promote most of its activities in 2021.

Some general consideration for the SUT-Rio Branch

How is your Branch looking at the future direction of underwater technology?

Underwater technology continues to have great importance in the developments of deepwater offshore fields for oil & gas in Brazil. A technical discussion about the subsea factory / subsea-to-shore concept needs to be addressed in view of the new technologies associated with subsea separators, and “All-Electric” and “Hybrid Electric-Hydraulic” subsea devices.

Are you impacted by the journey towards energy transition that many companies are making?

The Branch is already promoting activities in Ocean Renewable Energy. The transition from oil & gas to renewables can have a substantial contribution from offshore wind power, including the offshore platforms’ electrification.

How will the work of the committee progress and benefit the SUT/ the Industry? 

The main subjects treated in the SUT-Rio Branch are of direct interest in the industry, as commented in the previous questions. The committee should propose a common agenda to be explored by the branches, with the possibility of joint events, including two or three branches per subject.

How will the committee contribute to the diverse international membership of the SUT?

In Brazil’s particular case, the inclusion of new members depends on the access they could have to the international activities. The new normal post-pandemic, with spread online activities, can help in this sense.

With the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development due to start in 2021, does your committee/SIG have thoughts on how the SUT can play a role in encouraging innovative, high-technology sustainable development in areas such as offshore energy, aquaculture, seabed resources, robotics, education & training, etc.?

One topic of general interest is the Ocean Observing Systems. It can be treated under different perspectives for the ocean economic sectors to provide more information to foster the Blue Economy. The technology associated with autonomous underwater vehicles and the integration of different observing systems should be considered for offshore energy and aquaculture.