1st EAGE/SUT Workshop on Integrated Site Characterization for Offshore Wind in Asia Pacific

14 August, 2024 - 15 August, 2024



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The roles of geologists and geophysicists have become increasingly crucial in site investigation for offshore wind farms given intricate geological formations. However, there remains a lack of comprehension among geotechnical engineers regarding the valuable tools that geoscientists can contribute. Similarly, geoscientists often lack an understanding of the geotechnical challenges.

In order to bridge the gap and increase the understanding between the geotechnical engineers and the geoscientists, EAGE and the Society for Underwater Technology (via their interest group on Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics; OSIG) are jointly planning a global series titled EAGE/SUT Workshop on “Integrated Site Characterization for Offshore Wind”.

The aim is to schedule this workshop in different parts of Asia Pacific, cover several offshore wind hotspots namely Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and reach the regional audiences and address the specific complex geology that can be very different from region to region. It will also allow the inclusion of a non-technical component as the state of the business can vary between countries with very different regulatory and investment environments.