Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnics in Perth

OSIGp is a Special Interest Group of the SUT Perth which promotes technical advancement and knowledge sharing amongst academics and practitioners in the fields of geology, geophysics, geomatics and geotechnical engineering.


Michael Cocjin

Vice Chairman
Bryan Bergkamp

Committee Members

Cathal Colreavy
Kevin Day
Emma Eltringham
Nichole Fiumana
Reza Gholilou
Júlia Hein Mazutti
Manuel Herduin
Matthew Kuo
Colm O'Beirne
Raffaele Ragni
Damon Sunderland
Laith Tapper


Click here to see a copy of the OSIGp Constitution.

Committee Nominations

Elections for the OSIG Committee are held biannually, with the next election dates as follows:

September 2022 – Call out for nominations
October 2022 – Ballots if required
November 2022 – Announced
January 2023 – New committee begins

Note: OSIGp Office Bearers are voted on by OSIGp Committee Members in the alternative years for continuity (next Office Bearers vote end of 2023).