Perth – April Evening Technical Meeting

06 April, 2022


The Society for Underwater Technology invite you to the April 2022 Evening Technical Meeting:



The evening will focus on the following three topics:

Innovative Rig Solution for Well Abandonment
Chris Wilson – Labrador (Via teams)

The world is currently going through a surge in offshore oil and gas facility decommissioning. A lot of this work involves abandoning wells, and we know that NOPSEMA is closing in on operators to clean up the seabed. Unless the industry gets innovative, this has the potential to cost the industry and the taxpayer a lot of money. As the saying goes “If we always do what we always did – we will always get what we always got!” For the first time ever – Australia will have access to a semi-submersible intervention rig that will facilitate cost effective well (and subsea infrastructure) abandonments. For this to work – we need to change our thinking on how we abandon.


Research examining the value of Australia’s oil and gas infrastructure for marine life
Dianne McLean – Australian Institute of Marine Science (via teams)

An assessment to remove, partially remove, leave in situ or repurpose oil and gas infrastructure at end of field life can be more robust if it uses rigorous, relevant and accurate data. We use industry remotely operated vehicle (ROV) video, specialised high-definition stereo-video systems, and partner with industry to enhance offshore research campaigns for the collection of scientific data from infrastructure. Here I provide an overview of the latest research findings and identify critical focus areas where research is required to assist decommissioning decisions and advance our understanding of the influence of oil and gas infrastructure on Australia’s marine ecosystems.


Terminator Wellhead Severance
Michael Lewis – Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes has launched a new mechanical subsea wellhead cutting system that can be launched from a vessel of opportunity with minimum preparation time. The ability to cut in any water depth from a vessel is a major step forward in wellhead removal. The system which utilises proven mechanical cutting technology to cut and remove subsea wellheads has been extensively tested onshore prior to its first offshore deployment last year. Since the system requires minimal equipment, is quick and easy to mobilise and can be deployed at any water depth it can reduce subsea wellhead removal costs significantly. Thirteen wellheads with 4 customers in seven campaigns have been removed by the Terminator in the first 16 months of operation.


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