Perth – Evening Technical Meeting: Researching into the Subsea Future

11 April, 2018


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Post Event Report

The Evening Technical Meeting sub-committee have carefully put this programme together as an opportunity for universities to show case their capabilities and for you, as industry, to get an insight into the future via their presentations. This is a night for industry not to be mistaken as a night for students, though students are of course welcome.  Presentation for the evening will be:

Stored Electrical Power and Potential to Change Subsea System Power Distribution
Abdul Fahad Mueed, Curtin University

Quantitative Discharge Water Analysis Using Mobile 1H NMR
Lisabeth Wagner, The University of  Western Australia

Steel Lazywave Riser for Turret vs. Spread-moored FPSO in Extreme and Wave-induced Fatigue Conditions
David Szczepanski, Edith Cowan University

New Paradigms in Understanding the Behaviour of Cables and Pipelines on Rocky Seabeds
Terry Griffiths, The University of  Western Australia

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