SUT Middle East – Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS)

Hosted by Khalifa University & Dolphin Energy

13 December, 2022



An overview of the tools and methods available for the on-bottom repair of rigid pipelines

09:00 – 15:30 at Khalifa University, SAN Campus and Dolphin Energy KIZAD

Venue details: Khalifa University, Sas Al Nakl Campus (formerly The Petroleum Institute). The event is to be held in the ADCO Auditorium, Zarkuh Building (Building 1).

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SUT Introduction: To subsea pipeline failure modes, types of damages, criteria of selecting repair solutions, water depth consideration, criticality of EPRS, safety, the environmental and economic impact of a pipeline failure, etc. – John Charalambides, Subsea Solutions Group & ME SUT Committee

ADNOC Offshore – Case Studies: ADNOC Offshore will present case studies of previous subsea pipeline repair projects executed in region.

Dolphin Energy – EPRS – Operator Perspective: Giving a broad operators perspective on pipeline repair that considers all aspects in EPRS including the necessity for an operator to be prepared for the unexpected and the complexity of it. From decommissioning the damaged section to restarting the line as well as ways to manage such system sustainably and effectively in the long term.

Welded Solution: Subsea pipeline repair using hyperbaric welding techniques; the equipment, the methodology and case studies – DCN

Mechanical Solutions: On-bottom shallow water permanent subsea pipeline repairs for minor or major damages; the equipment, the procedures, and case studies – Oceaneering

Mechanical Solutions: The Qatar perspective to extreme sour gas service subsea pipeline repair systems, the systems, equipment, and case studies – Subsea Innovation

Hot Tapping/By-Pass Operations: Underwater hot tapping, isolation, by-pass and repair solutions of pipelines with uninterrupted production; the systems, equipment, methodology, and case studies – STATS

After the presentations at Khalifa University, there will be a chance to visit Dolphin Energy’s Facility & EPRS Warehouse in KIZAD, to view the EPRS equipment they have in storage.

COVID restrictions per Abu Dhabi regulation are to be advised prior to the event.

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