SUT/MASTS Workshop – Glasgow

05 October, 2017 - 06 October, 2017


Decommissioning & Wreck Removal

Influence, educate and unlock potential: Informing key decommissioning and wreck removal challenges

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

Join us at this fifth Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) Decom and Wreck Removal Workshop, where we bring together scientists, engineers, salvors, operators, fishermen, regulators, NGO’s, trade bodies, insurers, financiers, lawyers, and other users of the sea, to consider topics using a holistic life cycle approach.

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Perceptions of Jack Decom Scenarios – Sally Rouse

Salvage and Marine Firefighting Regulatory Framework – Jim Elliot

Similarities and Differences Closing the Gap between Decom and Wreck Removal – Nigel James

Rapid Response Using LOF in Offshore Projects – Tom Walters

The Adoption of Novel Solutions – Elliot Wishdale

Decommissioning Breakout 1 – Daniel Warrick

Energy Technologies Institute AUVs Breakout 2 – Stuart Bradley

Remote Monitoring for Decommissioning using Marine Autonomous Systems Breakout 2 – Peter Collinson

Offshore Asset Problem Areas Breakout 2

Solutions The 10 Tenets – Mike Elliot

Pipelines Umbilicals Bundles Decom Requirements – Carol Barbone

Scenarios for the Environment – Becky Hitchin

Scenarios for Fisheries – Peter Hayes

Scenarios for the Economy – Mike Tholen