OSIG 2023 – Health and Safety

  • The conference is sold out.  Corridors and stairways will be busy, particularly at lunch and break times.  All delegates are reminded best practice is to hold on to handrails or banisters on stairs with one hand ascending and descending. 
  • In the event of a medical emergency, call 999 immediately giving your location in the Sherfield Building, Imperial College. 
  • Cloakroom facilities will be available during the conference At Imperial College. All delegates are reminded to not leave their property unattended. The rooms in use will not be secured during conference break.
  • All items stored in the cloakroom must be collected by 6pm each day. Any property not collected within 1 hour of the conference closing on 14th September will be considered abandoned property.  
  • All delegates are requested NOT to bring their luggage to Imperial College for storage. There WILL NOT be room for luggage storage at the conference.