Adrian Lim

Adrian is ROSEN’s Asia Pacific Regional Manager for Integrity Management and Engineering Services. He is a proven engineering professional with 19 years engineering (pipelines and other assets), integrity management and project delivery/management experience. He has worked for both Wood Group and Woodside. Recent past roles include Technical Integrity Custodian for Woodside’s pipelines and Team Lead for Riser Delivery (Engineering and Procurement) for Woodside’s Persephone Development. Adrian’s hobby horse is integrity and Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments for a broad range of assets (pipelines, pressure vessels, and process and storage tanks). This expertise is recognized by peers and industry, and Adrian is a group leader for the Australian Standard (AS 2885.3),was a steering committee member for DNV RP F101, DNV RP F116 and ISO 19345 (Integrity management for offshore pipelines).