Ahmed Said

An accomplished professional in Hydrospatial surveying, with extensive experience across various sectors including environmental, Geotechnical and Geophysical surveys, offshore constructions, and installations. With an MBA from the University of South Wales UK and a Certified Professional in Hydrographic Surveying Level 1 from the GCA, my expertise spans managing ROV/HAUV/ASV operations, offshore platform inspections, and leading deep-water projects globally. As a Project Manager and Party Chief, I’ve successfully led high-profile surveys for different energy sectors, emphasizing quality, safety, and client satisfaction. My work underscores the critical impact of renewable energy expansion on hydrographic survey activities, showcasing my ability to lead projects with precision and efficiency.
Just after finishing my engineering degree in Egypt, I went into a small Survey job and here I am, spending almost 18 years managing leading and finish projects almost all over the world.