Bill Russell-Cargill

Bill has experience in marine mineral exploration; oil & gas construction, IMR, subsea positioning; seafloor mapping; geophysical and geotechnical surveys working on projects in Southern Africa and Australasia. In 2018 he joined INPEX as a survey specialist supporting subsea intervention operations. After graduating as a Land Surveyor he then found a keen interest in surveying underwater and joined IMT, the Institute for Maritime Technology to undertake post-graduate engineering research in underwater acoustics at CAL, the Central Acoustics Laboratory, University of Cape Town. In 1983 he left CAL to found Underwater Surveys Pty Ltd, a survey contracting company providing services to the marine diamond mining industry off Southern Africa’s west coast undertaking seabed mapping and positioning service projects. In 1998 he sold his company to Fugro, a leading International Geo-data specialist company and stayed on as their Managing Director, the company being rebadged as Fugro Africa. In 2001 he relocated to Fugro Survey Pty Ltd, Perth as a Director. In 2005 he joined CMST, Curtin University of Technology as a CRC Adjunct Research Associate to work on their Coastal Habitat Mapping Research Program. When it was competed in 2006 he joined Geo Subsea as the Survey and Inspection Manager, which later became named DOF Subsea. At the end of 2013 he moved to DOF’s Singapore office. In 2017 he moved back to Perth to join Scope Resources as Managing Director; and later became a consultant.