Brendan Hyland

Brendan is the Founder and Chairman of WFS Technologies. He is an experienced entrepreneur, manager and investor in international technology businesses. Originally from Belfast, Brendan was sponsored by the UK MoD to study electrical and electronic engineering at Queen’s University of Belfast. He has worked in the chemicals industry, in management consultancy and in the industrial instrumentation industry. After completing an MBA at the University of Durham, in 1998 Brendan founded Kymata Ltd, an optoelectronics company that designs and develops planar optical devices. He established operations in Scotland, the Netherlands, the US and Canada before the business was sold to Alcatel in 2001. Brendan founded WFS Technologies in 2003 and has steered it to become the world leader in underwater and underground wireless products and technology. Headquartered near Edinburgh, the company has a customer support centre in Belfast and sales offices in Aberdeen and Houston. It has a growing customer base in the European and US energy, environment, consumer and defence industries.