Glenn Cook

Glenn has been a meteorologist with the Bureau of Meteorology for almost 28 years. After graduating with a Physics Degree from the University of Melbourne in 1989, Glenn was recruited by the Bureau and completed a Graduate Diploma of Meteorology in 1990. He was posted to Perth in late 1990 and worked in the WA Regional Forecasting Centre as an operational meteorologist until 2000. However, between 1992 and 1994, Glenn was seconded to the RAAF special reserve to take on the position of Officer-in-Charge of the Meteorological Office at RAAF Base Tindal, in the Top End of the NT, providing weather forecasting services to the F/A 18 fighter squadron. In 2000, Glenn commenced work in the WA Climate Services Centre of the Bureau of Meteorology as a consulting meteorologist, and between 2006 and 2015 was WA Regional Climate Services Manager. The Centre’s role is to provide climate data and monitoring services for WA, as well as communicate information about past climate, climate forecasting, and climate change. Since 2015 Glenn has been a Climate Liaison officer with the Bureau, providing his climate expertise to WA stakeholders.