Kevin Mullen

Kevin Mullen was a Subsea Engineer with INTECSEA in Perth, Australia up until his recent semi-retirement. Mr Mullen has 40 years engineering experience, with 26 years in the offshore oil and gas industry working on subsea systems, specialising in subsea control systems and umbilicals. He has experience in instrumentation, controls, telecommunications, computing, electronics, electrical engineering, subsea materials and corrosion, and hydraulics. He gained experience of offshore oil and gas in the North Sea and Atlantic margin, and came to Australia to work on big gas 19 years ago. He was Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia where he coordinated the Subsea Technology Module of the Master of Oil and Gas Engineering degree from 2000 to 2013, and he was appointed Adjunct Professor at Curtin University in 2015, where he coordinates units on Subsea System and on Umbilicals and Risers on the Master of Subsea Engineering course. Recent assignments given to his students have included the Scarborough field and the Browse LNG development.