Scott Miller

Scott Miller has a bachelor of cartography from Curtin University, Western Australia which included an exchange to the University of Gavle in Sweden, graduating in 2000. He then commenced working at Fugro Survey in early 2001 employed as software tester and multibeam data processor. From there he continued through to become a hydrographic surveyor and then Party Chief or Site Manager. In 2014 he was certified by the AHSCP as a level 1 Certified Professional Hydrographic Surveyor. Upon Fugro’s award of the search for MH370 Reconnaissance (Phase 1) project he was tasked with overseeing the mobilisation, calibration and customer acceptance of the survey systems onboard the Fugro Equator and also appointed Party Chief, a role he has continued into Phase 2 (Deep Tow Survey) of the project, spending more than 1 year in the search effort.