Annual Report 2019-2020

The Norwegian Branch of SUT has had another quiet but special year. After the cancellation of the Spring SAC course, we decided to make a special effort to market our Spring 2020 course. We found that we needed to get out to a larger part of the industry. As a marketing tool, we made a new brochure that was distributed at seminars and by e-mail to companies in the oil and gas industry. The course we marketed was our new 2-day compressed SAC course with an excellent program. We have reduced the participation fee, with the reduced duration of the course. In late February, it looked promising with 7-8 people interested in attending.

On March 12, Norway closed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the restrictions to fight the pandemic, we had to cancel the course again.

The schedule of this course would have involved two full days at the premises of TechnipFMC and Schlumberger (earlier Framo Engineering). The two-day course is probably something other branches of SUT might find interesting and positive for a compressed SAC course.

During 2020, the SUT Norway branch has not had any committee meetings with physical attendance. Matters discussed had been by phone only.

In Norway, we clearly see that most companies in the Oil & Gas industry are turning their focus to the “green” trend. There is a strong political will to support wind, hydropower and other renewable sectors. Companies in the oil and gas sector are therefore careful in the use of resources directed to oil & gas (SAC Courses).

The Norwegian committee has always been focused on the SAC course. The members are all in full-time positions at companies who are struggling to survive in this COVID-19 scenario. The contribution by the committee to the International SUT work is therefore limited.

In earlier years, the SAC courses were extremely popular, and we intensified the marketing of the May 2020 course. We were optimistic that we could get the course up and running again in May 2020. Now it looks like we first have to wait out the COVID-19 outcome and consider our way ahead in 2021


The Norwegian Branch of SUT was established in 2009. SUT Norway is set up to provide a focal point for members of the SUT in Norway. The Programme for the Subsea Awareness Courses are compiled by the Norwegian Branch committee and are designed to fulfil the requirements of the Society’s diverse membership.