Annual Report 2018-2019

Chair: Nils Vägen

The Norwegian Branch of SUT has had another quiet year. We have focused on getting the SUT/Subsea Awareness Course (SAC) up and running again. We offered the industry a new two-day compressed course with an excellent program. Despite reducing the course fee and the number of days to just two, we still have too few attendees (six persons) and, unfortunately, we once again had to cancel our Subsea Awareness Course.

In earlier years the course was extremely popular. We plan to intensify the marketing of the May 2020 course, and we are optimistic that we can get the course up and running again next Spring.

We thank Vidar Fondevik who will retire end of the year from as a committee member of SUT Norway. He has been with us for 10 years and has been a valued member of the Norway branch.

The Norwegian Branch of SUT was established in 2009. SUT Norway is set up to provide a focal point for members of the SUT in Norway. The Programme for the Subsea Awareness Courses are compiled by the Norwegian Branch committee and are designed to fulfil the requirements of the Society’s diverse membership.