Annual Report 2017-2018

Chair: Nils Vagen


The Norwegian Branch of SUT has had another quiet year. We have focused on getting the SUT/Subsea Awareness Course (SAC) up and running again. We offered the industry a new two-day compressed SAC course with an excellent program. We have reduced participation fee, we have reduced the duration of the course, but we had still too few attendees, and unfortunately, we had to cancel course again.
In earlier years the courses were extremely popular, and we are confident with the upturn of the industry that we can get the course up-and-running again in May 2019.
SUT Norway also attended Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen in the middle of June. During the UTC Conference we had meetings with Steve Hall and Emily Boddy. The meetings were important to improve and update the information on the SUT website for the Bergen Branch.
The Norwegian Branch of SUT was established in 2009. SUT Norway is set up to provide a focal point for members of the SUT in Norway. The Programme for the Subsea Awareness Courses are compiled by the Norwegian Branch committee and are designed to fulfil the requirements of the Society’s diverse membership.