Middle East – Road to COP28, Offshore Renewables and New Energies MENA perspective

12 September, 2023



0830-12030hrs GST | Followed by Refreshments

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As the world continues to suffer through a global energy crisis, a shock of unprecedented breadth and complexity is unfolding. The recent geo-political events have transformed a rapid economic recovery from the pandemic – which strained global supply chains, among them energy – into a full-blown energy crisis.

Governments, policymakers, academics, and industry experts are reconsidering their strategic priorities, while the “security of supply, affordability, and sustainability” trilemma has lately become more relevant topic than ever. In this direction, the emergence of new energy technologies, the expanded use of renewable energy sources, hydrogen technologies, CCUS, energy storage, electrified transport, and electrified heat to address the problem of energy supply adequacy, climate change and environmental protection have become imperative.

In the light of the new geopolitical landscape and towards a relevant turning point into cleaner and more secure energy systems, SUT are pleased to bring together a program to showcase offshore, marine and subsea developments and technologies with a potential to contribute to the renewable energy mix within the MENA region.

Program details:

Carbon Capture Technologies

Offshore Renewables


Hosted by Khalifa University through the Research and Innovation Center on CO2 and Hydrogen (RICH Center)

Venue details: Khalifa University, Sas Al Nakl Campus (formerly The Petroleum Institute).
The event is to be held in the ADCO Auditorium, Zarkuh Building (Building 1).


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