SUT launches campaign to roll out children’s book in schools with Subsea 7 backing

– ‘Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist’ aims to ignite interest in underwater career opportunities-


The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) has launched a campaign to get its illustrated children’s book into primary schools with the support of Subsea 7.

Subsea 7 has provided an Aberdeen school with copies of SUT’s educational book, ‘Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist – Quirky Questions and Fascinating Facts about the Underwater World’ which is aimed at growing interest in the exciting variety of careers on offer under the waves.

HAZELHEAD_SCH_BOOKS_035Primary 5 pupils at Hazlehead Primary School, who recently studied sea life as a topic, were each given a copy of the book thanks to a corporate donation from Subsea 7. SUT is calling on support from other companies to help them roll the book out in schools across the city.

The book, aimed at 10-14 year-olds, takes its name from a true story about Larry the lobster who helped divers discover a missing 8,000-year-old Stone Age civilisation near the Isle of Wight. The 150-page book has been drafted by SUT members who are marine scientists, divers, subsea engineers, academics and from the merchant navy.


It covers topics such as:

  • Why do ships go missing in the Bermuda Triangle?
  • Are lake monsters real and do werewolves exist in the Arctic Sea?
  • How to build an underwater robot
  • Filming underwater movies
  • Whirlpools and discovering treasures from sunken ships
  • Where rubbish goes when it’s dumped at sea.
  • Could living under the sea be an alternative to relocating to Mars?
  • What will happen when the ice caps melt?


Dr Bob Allwood, CEO of SUT and one of the authors said: “It’s a challenging time for many sectors at the moment, but it’s important that we continue to inspire school pupils and show them all of the possibilities that are open to them in a way that brings to life all of the wonders of working underwater. I would like to thank Subsea 7 for the generous contribution in providing these books to the children and we would welcome support from other organisations to help roll this out to as many schools as we can.”

Subsea 7’s Stuart Inglis, who is also a member of SUT+, added: “This is a great initiative for both Subsea 7 and SUT to be involved with as it is important we all inspire young pupils to learn more about the oceans. It has been really encouraging to hear the pupils talk about what they have already studied in class and hopefully, with these quirky stories, they will continue to learn about what goes on under the water.”

Companies interested in getting involved with the campaign can find out more information by contacting: The book has been funded by SUT, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. All proceeds from the book go towards SUT’s Educational Support Fund, set up to help young people pursue learning and development opportunities. ‘Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist?’ retails at £12.99 and can be purchased from Amazon and

SUT is also hosting its annual Christmas Lectures at the end of the year for primary and secondary school pupils. Teachers interested in attending should contact: