SUT Perth – Continuing to Support our Young Engineers and Scientists

SUT are dedicated to promoting and supporting students, young engineers and scientists through various initiates and events. Their aim is to:

  • Create awareness of the subsea/underwater industry amongst young engineers and scientists
  • Develop young engineers and scientists within the subsea/underwater industry
  • Provide networking opportunities to build relationships amongst young engineers and scientists within the subsea/underwater industry.
  • Introduce education groups to SUT (high school and/or universities), encouraging them to join the subsea/underwater industry

They achieve this by:

The SUT could not do this without the generous support of their annual YES! supporters: Quadrant Energy and Woodside Energy.

The SUT April Evening Technical Meeting is dedicated to university students as a platform to show case their capabilities to the industry and give an insight into the future via their presentations (thanks also to event sponsors: Curtin University).

Please visit the SUT website for further information, their YES! Initiatives or simply to check out the events calendar.

Contact Branch Manager: Jennifer Maninin at [email protected] to see how you too can contribute.

Actual article published on AOG 2018 website, click here to view.