Underwater Technology Vol 3 No 1

Spring 1977



Waves as a Source of Brotrauma and Decompression Sickness

DE Mackay


An Approach to Offshore Underwater Work: Submersibles

JD Westwood

Technical Briefings



The Continental Shelf and Margin

WCC Rose


A Proposal for the Development of a Sea–Bed Anchor

RC Harvey and E Burley


A Mechanical Control Unit for a Constant pp0₂ Semi–closed Breathing Apparatus

SD Jarvis and HW Williams

Technical Papers

Some Thoughts on the Nature of Hazards affecting Structures in Deeper Water

D Faulkner


Maritime Operations relative to Construction of Large Concrete Offshore Structures

Meeting Report

Design and Construction of Offshore Structures

JF O’Hara



Underwater Technology Vol 3 No 2

Summer 1977

The Obligations of a 200 Mile Exclusive Fisheries Limit

RC McGregor


Automatic Control of pp0₂ in Breathing Apparatus

DS Hughes


Meeting Report

UK Data Buoy DB1

RF Burnett


The Weather and Offshore Operations

R Ashford


Performance of Offshore Structures

PG Davies


Underwater Maintenance of Steel Structures

W Penney


Fishing and Fixed Offshore Installations

R Margetts

Technical Paper

Recent Engineering Developments in Planning and Design of Fish Farms

PH Milne

Book Reviews

The Separation of Oil from Water for North Sea Operations


NERC Annual Report


Items of Interest



Underwater Technology Vol 3 No 3

Autumn 1977

From the General Secretary

G May

Meeting Reports

The Operation and Use of Submersibles

F Bruen


Cathodic Protection and Diver Safety

D Hughes

Technical Papers

Unmanned Submersibles

R Pedlar


Mining in Manganese Nodules

AG Moncrieff


The Econological Impact of Manganese Nodule Mining

C Rees

SUT Notes

Training Course on Instrumentation for Professional Diving


Education and Careers in Underwater Technology – Sixth Edition


UEG Publications




Items of Interest



Underwater Technology Vol 3 No 4

Winter 1977

From the General Secretary

G May



J Antonakis


Oceanology International ‘78

RP Itter


Self–Employed Offshore Divers

Future Activities of the Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources (ECOR)

Technical Briefings

British Divers get down to UCY

HE Dobbs


Marine Ecosystems Studies: The Work of IMER


The Formation of Ferromanganese Nodules

SE Calvert


Lloyd’s Register


Training Course on Instrumentaion for Professional Diving

Technical Papers

Module Design Aspects

AGE Carrier


Developments in Crane Barges

PS Heerema



Book Review

Aseptic Bone Necrosis

J Bevan


Items of Interest