Underwater Technology Vol 1 No 1

Spring 1975

Message from the President

HRH Prince Philip

Technical Paper

The Case for the Water–Breathing Engine

JI Morris

Meeting Reports

Fisheries and Hydrocarbons and the Annual General Meeting

HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh—Introduction by the Retiring President

Dr J Birks


Address by HRH Prince Philip


Fisheries and Hydrocarbons—Summary by the Rapporteur

FD Penny


Submersible Operations

KR Haigh


Oceanology International 75

Floating Nuclear Electric Generating Plants

M Kehnemuyi


Medical Engineering Problems of Underwater Technology

Book Review

Jane’s Ocean Technology 1974–7



Underwater Technology Vol 1 No 2

Summer 1975

Letter from the Secretary

RP Ittee

Technical Briefings

The Development of a North Sea Oilfield

DE Lennard

Anglo–Norwegian Trials of Unmanned Mini–Submarines

Offshore Oil—Finding the Facts

I MacLean

Diving—a Key Element in Offshore Development

Dr JA Miller

The Third United Nationals Conference on the Law of the Sea:
Was Anything Achieved at the Caracas Session?

MBF Ranken

Lloyd’s Register Offshore


Meeting Reports

Oceanology International 75 Exhibition

RP Itter

“Into Deeper Waters”

J Antonakis

Book Reviews

Hydrographic Society Special Publication No 1

Marine Ecology