Underwater Technology Vol 5 No 1

Spring 1979

From the General Secretary


Meeting Reports

Panarctic’s Progress

D Lennard


Meteorology and Oceanography applied to Engineering, Installation and Operation of Offshore Structures

D Painting and Dr REW Pettifer


Wave Actions on Small Sized Obstacles

G Susbielles

Technical Papers

Operation of Meteorological Sensors in the Offshore Environment

DN Axford


Meteorological Data Acquisition Systems for Operators on the Continental Shelf

Dr REW Pettifer


The Human Factor: Possible Physiological and Psychological Limitations in the Employment of Human Labour at Depths beyond 200m

Sir John Rawlins



Annual General Meeting


Items of Interest




Underwater Technology Vol 5 No 2

Summer 1979

From the General Secretary


Meeting Reports

UEG’s Expanding Scope


The Potential of Saturation Diving Techniques in the Air (Oxygen/Nitrogen) Diving Range

Dr A Thornton


Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Sub-sea Pipelines

RK Venables


The 200 Mile Limites – Policing and Enforcement Requirements and the World Markets

Commander MBF Ranken


Explosives: their Use as a Tool for Underwater Working

AR Rankin


Mooring and Towing of Large Structures

Captain J Mervyn Jones


Long Range Forecasting – Climatology or Prediction?

D Houghton


Llyod’s Register Offshore in 1978

Technical Papers

Energy from Marine Sources – Eurocean’s Industrial Assessment

B Lachmann


RCVs as Precision Tools

RA Morley





Underwater Technology Vol 5 No 3

Autumn 1979

From the General Secretary



DUEL Heating Deep-water Trials


The Underwater Association for Scientific Research

Meeting Reports

The Future Requirements of Remotely Manned Submersibles

F Bruen


Force Measurements on Structures at Sea

R Ashford

Technical Papers

Human Factors of Remotely Controlled Submersibles

R Holman


Offshore Protection

Captain PGC Dingemans, RN


The Design of Moorings for Large Floating Structures

MD Hazell

Technical Briefings

Two Viewpoints on Pregnant Scuba Divers

MF Bolton


Explosives for Underwater Use

MJ Ball



Items of Interest




Underwater Technology Vol 5 No 4

Winter 1979

From the General Secretary


Technical Briefings

Brent B Instrumentation Project: a Project Overview

I Foss


Oceanic Science and Technology: the Contribution to Tommorow’s World

R Goodfellow


European Undersea Biomedical Society 5th Annual Scientific Meeting

LCdr RF Goad


A Probabilistic Model for the Economic Optimisation of Anchor Groups

Dr RC Harvey


CCTV System for Underwater Inspection and Surveying

Dr PH Milne





Meeting Reports

Underwater Acoustics – Some Practical Exploitations and Developments

Dr DJ Creasey


Dynamic Positioning Systems for Underwater Engineering Support Vessels

JJS Daniel

Conferences and Exhibitions


Items of Interest