Underwater Technology Vol 4 No 1

Spring 1978

Meeting Reports

Techno–Economic Appraisal of Offshore Production Systems for Oil and Gas

H Butler and MD Paterson


Annual General Meeting


Anchorage Systems – Practical Aspects

GB Marriott


Anchoring Hardware – Selection and Survey

AK Buckle


Marine Information, Data and Advisory Services for Offshore Activities

BCH Fortnum and AD Heathershaw


Electrical Safety Underwater

R Moulton


Satellites: Their Use and Potential for Offshore Communications, Navigation and Environmental Monitoring

JD McKendrick

Technical Briefing

The Institute of Offshore Engineering Information Service

A Myers


From the General Secretary

G May


Corporate Membership of the Society

Items of Interest



Underwater Technology Vol 4 No 2

Summer 1978

SUT Notices


From the General Secretary – OI ’78


Meeting Reports

Activities in Scotland East Region


Working Underwater – the Role of Atmosphere Diving Systems and Unmanned Vehicles: Uses, Experience to-date and Future Prospects

M Kettle


Evacuation of Divers under Pressure


The Year with Llyod’s Register


Winds, Waves, Tides, Surges and Currents

RA Ashford


Marine Fouling of Fixed Offshore Installations

JH Freeman


Should Pregnant Women Scuba-Dive? More Information Wanted

Technical Briefings

Fluid Mechanics in Underwater Technology: the University Contribution

Prof Sir James Lighthill, FRS


Fluid Mechanical Aspects of Wave Energy Projects

Prof Sir James Lighthill, FRS


Fluid Loading and the Discrete Vortex Method

Dr PK Stansby


Probalistic Approach to Wave Loading

Dr P Holmes


Contributions from the University of Liverpool Fluid Mechanics Division

Dr JC Gibbings and P McIver


Three-Dimensionsional Dispersion of Pollutants and Sediments

Prof DM McDowell


Wider Aspects of Fluid Mechanics in Offshore Engineering

Prof T Patten


Hydrodynamics in the Offshore Field – the University Role

Prof D Faulkner

DnV also had a Busy Year Offshore


Conferences and Exhibitions


Recent Publications




Underwater Technology Vol 4 No 3

Autumn 1978

SUT Notices


From the General Secretary


Technical Papers

The Role of OIS in producing Tide Tables

J Graff


Commercial Applications of Remote Controlled Vehicles

JD Westwood

Meeting Reports

Models and their Use as Design Aids in Offshore Operations

Dr GRG Lewison


Structural Integrity Monitoring of Offshore Platforms


Marine Technology – University Research and Training Activities

AM Adye


Background to Greenwich Forum


Operating Experience with Offshore Workboats and Supply Vessels

W Penney

Recent Publications


Items of Interest




Underwater Technology Vol 4 No 4

Winter 1978

From the General Secretary


Technical Papers

Monitoring of Offshore Structures using Vibration Analysis

RD Begg and AC MacKenzie


Some Thoughts on Sea-Bed Anchors

Dr RC Harvey, Dr E Burley and Dr B Nath


Conceptual Design of a Dehumidification Unit for Hyperbaric Chambers

Dr EM Smith

Meeting Reports

Integrity of Offshore Structures

Prof D Faulkner


International Submersible Safety Seminar

Captain F Bruen


UEG Publications


Severn Estuary Barrage Study Group


Diving Medical Advisory Committee Activities

Items of Interest