Annual Report 2018-2019

Chair: Frank Lim

This is my second year as chairman of the China branch, having taken over from Prof DUAN Menglan in 2017.

The China branch has undergone a change in its committee membership, from one whose members are appointed to one that is made up of volunteers. At a meeting on 28 September 2018, a new committee with representatives from different regions of China was formed with the aim to have more geographical coverage of the society activities. These representatives are encouraged to organize local events, such as training courses and technical seminars, that will promote the understanding of the various disciplines of underwater technology. Below is the picture taken of some representatives with Steve Hall, CEO of SUT.

SUT China branch holds an international technical conference each year to bring scholars and practitioners, domestic or foreign, together for three working days to present and share knowledge of different aspects of subsea engineering.

The 7th conference, in conjunction with the 2nd China-Brazil Deepwater Forum, was successfully held in Beijing during 26-30 September 2018. Close to 100 participants attended and 62 topics were presented over the five-day event with the 4th day devoted to student presentations. The conference also featured a special half-day ‘Mining and Hydrates’ forum with invited speakers. Below is the group photo taken of the participants.

Another significant effort this year is to register the SUT China organization as a legal charitable entity to have its own administration and financial functions. This is work in progress.