2018 Gallery


SUT CEO Steve Hall with early career delegates at SUT China Technical Conference Beijing October 2018

Delegation of Brazil and domestic participants 巴西代表团与国内参会者合影

SUT China Chair Frank Lim speaking at the conference

Delegates from Chinese universities who attended the meeting 中国地区代表组织委员会合照

The first day of the meeting 第一天大会现场

Chairman of the conference, Lin Fangjian, gave a keynote report 大会主席 林方坚 做主题报告

The first session of the second day of the conference, the manager of CNOOC Shenzhen Branch Zhang Changzhi gave a report 大会第二天第一分会场,中海油深圳分公司张长智经理做报告

SUT UK CEO Steve Hall and SUT China Chairman jointly talk about the history and development direction of the SUT International Conference SUT英国总部 总裁STEVE HALL 与 SUT中国主席共同讲述SUT国际会议创建历史以及发展方向

Question and answer sessions on the second day of the conference 大会第二天第一分会场,现场提问

The second session of the conference on the second day, Steve Hall, CEO of SUT UK gave a meeting report 大会第二天第二分会场,SUT英国总部 总裁STEVE HALL做会议报告

On the third day of the conference, students give presentations 大会第三天分会场,中国石油大学(北京)学生做会议报告