UT2 – Issue 3, 2022

The latest 2022 issue of UT2 (Underwater Technology) magazine is now available! Jam-packed with all the latest subsea industry news, interesting technological developments for subsea, offshore and geotechnics engineering, plus innovative solutions to harness renewable energy. Check out the range of interesting articles in this issue which includes:

  • SEAPIX-R 3D Volume Sonar
  • Saildrone Voyager uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs)
  • Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO’s) novel Wirewalker vertical profiling system
  • EdgeTech Buried Object Scanning Sonar (EBOSS) sediment-penetrating 3D synthetic aperture sonar (SAS)
  • SeaTwirl’s wind turbines
  • Seawind’s twin-bladed turbine
  • How Herrenknecht OFD (Offshore Foundation Drilling) modified its tools to drill through monopiles and down into the bedrock to achieve a suitable foundation
  • The latest products showcased at Oceanology International 2022 (London)
  • plus a lot more…

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MRE International Webinar Series 2022

A collaborative event organised by INORE and SUT YES! Committee

  • A platform for University Students/Researchers and Industry Professionals alike to showcase their work in the Offshore and Marine Renewable Energy field
  • Takes place every 1 to 2 months
  • Two 15 min presentations
  • 5 min Q&A each
  • 40 min casual networking
  • Click here to register your interest in presenting at the webinar

Contact: Raphaël Alwan (raphael.alwan@adelaide.edu.au) or 
Elena Gerginov (elena.gerginov@woodplc.com)

Webinar Series: Information
The MRE International Webinar Series 2022 has been created to provide a platform for University Students/Researchers and Industry Professionals alike to showcase their work in the Offshore and Marine Renewable Energy field. By providing this free webinar, INORE and SUT YES! hope to educate young professionals and encourage further research and work in this rapidly evolving industry.

A webinar will be held every one to two months and each webinar will consist of two 15 minutes presentations, each with 5 minutes of Q&A time. After the presentations, the floor will be open for 40 minutes for casual networking, allowing attendees to build a network with people of similar backgrounds, hopefully leading to further collaboration!

People are invited to register their interest, and submit an abstract to participate as speakers in the event. The talk can be on any topic surrounding marine renewable energies. Registration and participation in the webinar will be free of charge, and further information will be communicated at a later stage.

Who is INORE?

INORE was founded in 2006 as an international network of graduate students and early career professionals working in offshore renewable energy across social, environmental, and technical fields. The mission of INORE is to support the development and enable the success of our members, and we achieve this by providing collaborative research scholarships, connecting our members both in-person and virtually, and planning events that provide opportunities to develop new technical skills, network, and collaborate. For further information please refer to this link.

Who is SUT YES!?
SUT YES! represents the Young Engineers and Scientists chapter of the Society of Underwater Technology Perth branch. The mission of YES! is to create awareness of the subsea/underwater industry, and provide networking opportunities to build relationships amongst young engineers and scientists as well as education groups such as universities. As the industry landscape evolves, SUT and YES! are excited to collaborate with other organizations and broaden our reach within offshore renewable energy. For further information please refer to this link.