Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist? – SUT launches children’s book to ignite interest in underwater career opportunities

The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) has today launched a quirky, illustrated book for 10 – 14 year olds aimed at growing interest in the exciting variety of careers on offer under the waves.

The book titled, Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist – Quirky Questions and Fascinating Facts about the Underwater World, is available from Wednesday 25th November with all proceeds going to SUT’s Educational Support Fund, set up to help young people pursue learning and development opportunities.

The book takes its name from a true story about Larry the lobster who helped divers discover a missing 8,000 year old Stone Age civilisation near the Isle of Wight.

The book has been peer reviewed by children. One of the young critics, ten-year-old David Laing of Aberdeen said: “It’s packed full of interesting stories covering everything from real life sea monsters to whirlpools, finding treasure from sunken ships and how to build an underwater robot. It’s fun to read, but you also learn a lot of new facts and the pictures are brilliant.”

The 150 page book has been drafted by SUT members who are marine scientists, divers, subsea engineers, academics and from the merchant navy.

It covers topics such as:

  • Why do ships go missing in the Bermuda Triangle?
  • Are lake monsters real and do werewolves exist in the Arctic Sea?
  • How to build an underwater robot
  • Filming underwater movies
  • Whirlpools and discovering treasures from sunken ships
  • Where rubbish goes when it’s dumped at sea.
  • Could living under the sea be an alternative to relocating to Mars?
  • What will happen when the ice caps melt?

Dr Bob Allwood, CEO of SUT and one of the authors said: “We wanted to bring to life all of the wonders of working underwater. It’s a challenging time for many sectors at the moment, but it’s important that we continue to inspire the next generation and show them all of the possibilities that are open to them. One common thread between the authors is that they love what they do and this passion and excitement is infectious. We hope the book will make an ideal stocking filler for many young people this Christmas.”

The book has been funded by SUT, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist? retails at £12.99 and can be purchased from Wednesday 25th November from SUT and from Amazon from the end of the month.

Image: David Laing (10) and Daisy Nicholls (10) of Aberdeen launch the new book Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist? All proceeds from sales will go to the Society for Underwater Technology’s Educational Support Fund.

Hundreds of pupils set to hear about the exciting world of underwater science

– SUT to host its annual schools Christmas lectures –

The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) is hosting its annual Christmas lecture events next month which will provide hundreds of school pupils with an exciting insight into the world of underwater science.

SUT is inviting local schools to events in Aberdeen and London to help them learn about the careers opportunities that the oceans have to offer.

The free events, which take place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre on December 2 and at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on December 4, will include a structured mix of audio-visual presentations by leading industry experts from a range of underwater science and technology backgrounds.

The Aberdeen session is aimed at primary 6 and 7 children. They will hear presentations from three industry experts. Sandra Bisset, learning officer at Macduff Marine Aquarium will take the children on a journey from the tidal shores, through the fringing kelp forests and down to the dark sea floor to discover the incredible life that hides beneath the waves. Jeremy Cresswell, editor of the Press and Journal’s Energy supplement, will provide an insight into how Aberdeen has become a leading focal point for renewable energy and Scott Graham from The National Hyperbaric Centre will educate the pupils about offshore and in shore diving and diving equipment.

The London event is aimed at pupils at a different stage. KS4 and post-16 students will get the chance to explore a wide range of ‘extreme’ and varied underwater career opportunities that are on offer in Britain.

Dr Bob Allwood, CEO of SUT said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for school pupils to learn about underwater science and technology. We have excellent speakers who can pass on their experiences and knowledge from the industry to a younger generation.

“These events aim to excite young people and get them interested in what the sector offers. I would encourage school teachers to get in touch and book a place with us in December.”

The pupils will also have the opportunity to purchase a fun, informative, illustrated book about the wonders of underwater technology set to be launched later this month.

‘Can a Lobster be an Archaeologist – Quirky Questions and Fascinating Facts about the Underwater World’, features contributions from a number of SUT members. From exploring lost treasure to sea monsters, ocean rubbish and how to build your own ROV, the book is packed with factual and fun stories brought to life by quirky illustrations by artist Rachel Hathaway.

For further information, visit: and to book your school to attend, please contact Kirsty Webster at: [email protected] or 01224 823637.