The Phoenix Has Risen

The SUT Perth Phoneix Special Interest Group was a collective of subsea underwater professionals; each possessing extensive subsea experience in engineering, science or academia. The group provided a focal point where members applied their experience, knowledge, skills, leadership and wisdom to current and future subsea challenges.

Its success has been shown with most Phoenix Members having returning to full-time work, so the SUT Committee agreed to suspend the SIG.

Outgoing Chairman Allan Devlin wraps it up beautifully in this article.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to SUT’s Phoenix! There were some good times together over the years and it’s great to see previous members transitioning into new ways of being involved with the SUT.

New Chairman for OSIGp

At their Committee Meeting on 13th November 2019 OSIGp were pleased to announce the new OSIG office bearers for 2020-2021:

  • Chair: Laith Tapper
  • Vice Chair: Michael Cocjin
  • Secretary: Emma Eltringham

After 2 years as serving as Chairman, SUT would like to officially thank Damon Sunderland for his time, efforts and energy! As per their constitution guidelines Damon will remain on the committee for another year.

A big thanks to all Committee Members (outgoing and continuing) for their continued efforts also.

We’re all looking forward to seeing the three of them lead the Special Interest Group and will keep kicking OSIG goals into the future.

SUT Baby Announcement

Congratulations to our Perth Branch Manager, Jen Maninin on the arrival of little Philippa Lily, born 14th April and weighing in at 3.15kg. Jen and Phillipa are both doing well and we are all looking forward to meeting the latest addition to the SUT family!

“Mentoring – Setting the scene” Post Event Report

Written by Frances Eaton, Subsea Energy Australia 

On the 2nd May, 65 oil and gas industry personnel got together at an Engineers Australia premises to kickstart an industry association initiative for a collaborative mentoring program. Everyone at the workshop represented one (or more) of four key oil and gas industry associations; Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Subsea Energy Australia (SEA/WISE), Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Engineers Australia (EA).  Each industry association is very keen to show their commitment to involve young people in the oil and gas industry and recognise the importance of attracting, retaining and developing talent for the future.

The aim of this collaborative approach is to provide young people (as mentees) with an opportunity to directly engage with experienced industry personnel (as mentors) to discuss current challenges within their early career stage and to draw upon the mentor’s experiences, expectations and suggestions.

This mentoring program provides a supportive relationship between an experienced member of the oil and gas industry and a small group of early career professionals, students but also some more mature engineers looking at broadening their expertise.  Mentors encourage and provide perspectives on their profession, experience, expertise and advice to mentees.  In return, mentees discuss their questions, thoughts and concerns on diverse issues related to the energy industry with their mentor and their peers in the group.

The program, initially started by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), is now in its 6th year and has grown to include over 150 participants.  Every month the mentor and mentee get together to discuss challenges, set goals and monitor progress.

The Mentoring Program also consists of several workshops around soft skills and concludes with an industry networking event towards the end of the year:

  • May 2018 – The Art of Taking Intelligent Risks
  • June 2018 – How to Take Charge of your Career
  • July 2018 – Networking Strategies
  • August   2018 – Goals, Procrastination and Prioritising
  • September 2018 – Negotiating for Success
  • October 2018 – How to Be a Leader
  • November 2018 – Network event

If you’d like to learn more or be involved in this exciting collaboration, please visit click here for contact details and updates.

The next intake of mentees and mentors will take place in early 2019.

SUT Journal (Underwater Technology) is online – Issue 35.1 now available

For those of our members that aren’t aware our Journal is now available online. Latest issue at 

A new publication is produced at the end of March, July and November so feel free to visit directly at these times.

The Society for Underwater Technology (HQ) is calling for papers for its international journal, Underwater Technology. The journal publishes peer-reviewed technical papers on all aspects and applications of underwater technology. Original papers on new technology, it’s development and applications and papers covering new applications for existing technology, are particularly welcome.

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For more information or to make a submission, please contact the Assistant Editor, Elaine Azzopardi