The Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) networks Industry Stalwarts with emerging talent to bridge skills shortfall

We promised at the beginning of the down turn that we would learn the lessons of the past and not repeat the same mistakes. We said out loud that we would not revisit the skills boom and bust cycles of skills that lag the economic cycles of the oil and gas industry. Yet there is little doubt that with the supply chain cut to the bone with the mass layoffs  100s of years of experience being lost we are again searching for the skills required to sustain our subsea industry as we go forward into to a new positive era. The strain is already apparent in tendering and engineering the future prospects, executing the work safely and efficiently is yet to come.  We do not have the resources.

The Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) are having an informal get together of SUT members old and new on Thursday June 13th 2019 at 6pm in Carmelite Hotel in Aberdeen. The purpose to bring together grey hair with youthful enthusiasm in a bid to create relationships for effective knowledge transfer and improved communication across organisations. Hosted by the SUT Aberdeen Branch Committee, who in their own right have their fair share of industry experience, alongside fellow SUT members they seek to network with emerging talent who will steer the industry in the future.  The outcome of the event is unpredictable, but the hope is that special interest groups, communities of expertise, mentorships may be established; All such and any such means and mechanisms that promote knowledge transfer is the ambition.  It has the makings of the new cooperative subsea community that is beyond the limitations of silos of organisational know how, but is more supportive of a cohesive industry that serves to provide the greatest access to the experience and know how.

All are welcome who have the simple desire to make the best of the fantastic industry that we have. SUT members are encouraged to bring with them a someone whom they would consider as being a rising star.

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