Archived – Phoenix

We’re delighted to announce that Phoenix has been suspended until further notice.

Phoenix was a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the SUT Perth from September 2016 – October 2019.

It was a collective of subsea underwater professionals; each possessing extensive subsea experience in engineering, science or academia. The group provided a focal point where members applied their experience, knowledge, skills, leadership and wisdom to current and future subsea challenges.

Over the years Phoenix was very successful in supporting under-employed, unemployed and recently retired members of the underwater community; identifying opportunities; providing networking & communications opportunities for members; and keeping members active and engaged in the underwater community during the downturn.

Its success has been shown with most Phoenix Members having returning to full-time work, so the SUT Committee agreed to suspend the SIG, leaving the committee positions vacant. Should there be a demand for Phoenix in the future then the SUT Committee will look at reforming the SIG.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to SUT’s Phoenix, in particular our previous Committee Members as mentioned below! There were some good times together over the years and it’s great to see previous members transitioning into new ways of being involved with the SUT.

Previous Committee Members: Benjamin Ahani; Craig Black; Carl Celedin; Paul Choate; Peter Clarke; Allan Devlin; Lalit Dogra; Donald Fawcett; Philippe Goudeau; Terry Griffiths; Pawan Gupta; Tim Hart; Andrew Kilburn; Charles Ludovico; Julie Morgan; Abdul Mueed; Cornelius Nienaber; Norman O’Rourke; Rodney Silberstein; Vikram Singh; Scott Sneddon; Paul Sutton; Amir Tabei; Matt Tibbitts; Ian Wilson

For a copy of the Phoenix Constitution click here.
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