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Achieving Reliable Subsea Systems

Are you surprised by how often we experience unexpected subsea failures?   Are you striving for higher subsea production system reliability?  If so, then this is the course for you!
What the Course will Deliver?: Overview of Subsea Reliability; Framework for achieving reliability targets; Interfaces with Subsea Integrity and Project Management; Contracting Strategies for Reliability; Key Decisions to be made; Tools and Methods; Industry Best Practice (New codes/stds.); What happens if you get it wrong; Economic Benefits of getting it right; Turning Lessons Learned into Improvements.
Who would benefit from attending this course?: Project Managers, Quality/Integrity Personnel, Reliability Specialists, Subsea Systems Engineers, Subsea Discipline/Package Engineers, Subsea Pipeline Engineers, Subsea Operations Personnel, Subsea Equipment Vendors.

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Introduction to Materials & Corrosion

This two-day course has been specifically designed for people new to subsea or unfamiliar with the various corrosion considerations which need to be applied during design, construction and operation of subsea assets.
The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the various materials and  corrosion issues which  are  applicable  to subsea structures.  The choices  made  which  impact one  area of corrosion and integrity will often impact the choices in other areas, and also affect the long term  inspection  and  monitoring which  may  be required to ensure the design life is met. Having a general overview of the interaction between  the various factors  and the  impact that certain choices make and the equipment used in inspecting and monitoring the structures will provide attendees with a broad knowledge on the interaction which needs to be considered in any installation.
The course  will be  presented by  experienced personnel  from both  the supply and  subsea industries.   Most of the course will be held in  a classroom   environment, with  the  session  being interactive, with every opportunity to ask questions and discuss the material presented as well as a couple of site visits to relevant facilities.

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Introduction to Positioning & Survey

Positioning and Survey underpin all aspects of the subsea environment.  From understanding the nature of the environment we are working in, the topography of the seabed, the geology of the seabed, the location of the assets on the seabed and how they may change over time.  This course provides an introduction to these aspects of subsea to allow the participants to understand and appreciate the requirements for survey and positioning in their subsea undertakings.

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Offshore Geohazards & Geotechnics: Risks and Opportunities

This one-day course explains offshore geology, geohazards and geotechnical engineering, adopting a holistic approach to show how they interact and how an improved understanding of all three  disciplines can lead to optimised infrastructure solutions. It is aimed at an audience with no or limited knowledge of geosciences.
The course will: Introduce the different geological environments present offshore Australia and in other regions, ranging from shallow water through to deep water; Explain how an integrated ground model can be used to reduce risk and increase value; Show best practices for the collection of data for site characterisation, design and geohazard mitigation; Illustrate the geotechnical design of geotechnical infrastructure, including shallow foundations, deep foundations, anchors and pipelines, illustrated with numerous case histories.
The course will include demonstrations of equipment and laboratory tours at UWA to give ‘hands on’ experience of seabed sediments, soil element testing and physical modelling (including UWA’s centrifuge facilities and O-tube flumes).

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Subsea Production Systems – Operation, Inspection and Maintenance

Subsea production is not a new concept; however, advances in subsea technologies continue to enhance the economic development of offshore exploration discoveries in all water depths.  Crucial to the economic success of such developments is the need to understand the consequences of one’s actions.  This  one-day course is aimed at creating an awareness of the applications of subsea equipment and plant, how subsea equipment is operated, the vulnerabilities to which it is susceptible, the requirements to continuously inspect, maintain and repair and the consequences of
equipment downtime and lost production.

Next course scheduled: 1st June 2024

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Metocean Awareness Course

Metocean is a discipline covering meteorology and physical oceanography, and is concerned with quantifying the impact and effect of weather and sea conditions on a wide range of activities in the offshore oil & gas and renewables. This is an essential course providing a greater understanding of Metocean and how the application of Metocean information can benefit your organisation particularly with respect to: Improved safety; Better decision-making and planning; Reduced costs.
For all offshore industries, the effects of meteorology and oceanography (metocean) have a major impact on design and operations. If users of metocean information are not aware of the implications that the weather, waves, currents and water levels can have on their operations or design work, then things can go wrong with serious health and safety and economic consequences. The Metocean Awareness Course is aimed at those who need to have a greater understanding of metocean conditions worldwide and how they might impact the effectiveness of their work. The course format will include a mixture of short presentations presented by expert speakers in this field (see back page) and interactive workshop sessions including a group case study exercise.
This course is essential for Project Managers and Engineers in the offshore and renewables industries, involved in operations or design, from new entrants to the industry to those with many years experience. The course will enable delegates to interact with expert speakers and other delegates from various backgrounds who use or provide metocean data.

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Subsea Awareness Course

This five-day Course has been designed by industry and is suitable for contractors, engineers, operators and those new to subsea, those transferring from other disciplines within the industry and those who have worked in subsea previously but would benefit from a refresher course and exposure to the latest technology.
Whilst most of the course will be presented in a ‘classroom’ environment, the sessions will be interactive, with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what has been learnt.  In particular, hands-on and visual components have been included wherever possible to enable delegates to view software models and products destined for subsea service.
The course also hosts two site visits, taking delegates out of the classroom and into the real life subsea industry plus a networking dinner.

Next course scheduled: 6-10 May 2024

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The Life Cycle of  Flexible Risers & Flowlines

This course has been developed by flexible pipe manufacturers and key companies associated with system design, failure mode analysis, and integrity management of flexible flowlines and risers.
The course is aimed at those who specify, purchase, approve, install, operate, manage the integrity of, or decommission flexible risers or flowlines, including jumpers. The course should provide enough knowledge for them to feel comfortable with their responsibilities and is likely to apply to both engineers and non-engineers at various stages in their careers.

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