Chris Lawlor Scholarship

Chris Lawlor was an Engineer who was integral in setting up the SUT Perth Branch. When Chris sadly died in 2014 the SUT Committee decided to name a scholarship the “Chris Lawlor” Scholarship – awarded to the most outstanding scholarship candidate.



Chris Lawlor Scholarship winners:
















2022 Winner
Tahlia Bassett, Curtin University, Postgraduate student

2021 Winner
Jack Jorgensen, University of WA, PhD Student

2020 Winner
Shannon Dee, Curtin University, Postgraduate student

2019 Winner
Charlie Rae, AMC Undergrad student

2018 Winner
Guy McCauley, UWA PhD student

2017 Winner
Danielle Su, UWA PhD student

2016 Winner
Giada Bufarale, Curtin University PhD student

2015 Winner
Nicholas Bardsley, Curtin University Undergrad student