Event Feedback

Evening Technical Meetings

‘’As a subsea engineer with over 20 years experience I continue to be amazed at how much I have yet to learn about the technologies and engineering innovations taking place across the breadth of disciplines and organisations which work in this field. I try and come along to every ETM I can, no matter what the subject, since it is very rare that I don’t learn something new. And as always, the SUT ETM’s provide an invaluable opportunity for networking which is more important now than ever before in my career’’

Terry Griffiths, Subsea and Pipeline Engineering Consultant



Annual Dinner

“ Perth’s SUT annual dinner remains the premier subsea networking event of the year, with a great blend of new and known faces, good food, fine wine and plenty of good humour ”

Arran Ewan, Business Development Manager, Wood plc




  • Achieving Reliable Subsea Systems

”Great to hear all presenters previous experiences.” – Curtin student

”Workshop was useful and insightful.” – NGI Engineer


  • Introduction  to Materials & Corrosion

”Very thorough coverage of pertinent topics.” – Atteris Engineer

”Covered a broad range of topics well.” – local Operator


  • Introduction to Positioning & Survey

”Seeing the technologies/technique applied in case studies helped tie all the topics together and in a very interesting way.” – Oceaneering Engineer

”Very informative and interactive.”


  • Metocean Awareness Course

”Great overview of the topic. Provided me with the necessary awareness for my role.” – local Operator

”Good range of subject covered. Good pitch and pace.” – UWA professor


  • Offshore Geohazards & Geotechnics: Risks & Opportunities

”The course gave a good overview of the entire design process with respect to geophysics/geotechnics.” – Atteris Engineer

”Great introduction and very well organised course. ” – GE Oil & Gas Engineer


  • Operating Subsea Production Systems  

”Provided a good overview of subsea operations.” 


  • Subsea Awareness Course

May 2022 Course Testimonials:

“Extremely well organised course. Great engagement of the organisers from the get-go with organisation of the networking night and everything from getting across information, to PPE and bus organisation.”

“Great engagement from the tutors, and great catering.”

“The course has been worth it, and I would recommend to anyone starting out or wanting to know more in subsea. I would love to come back for another course. It’s given me a base knowledge and awareness as a graduate that I can work on from here.”

“Breaks were perfect – perfect amount and the length of them was also great.”

“It was also good that we got to keep the slides as I’m going to refer to them a lot, I think.”

“Photos were also nice to keep for our records.”

“Really well organised by Jade and her colleagues. Ran to schedule well and was well catered for. Speakers all good choices with lots of knowledge.”

“Very happy with the course, good level of information and structure. Field trip especially useful, highly recommended course.”

“I think the course covers all the main components involved in subsea developments. Very thorough and in-depth presentations were given throughout.”


May 2022: Site Visit 1 – Oceaneering

“Favourite part of course! Kept everyone interested and we got to interact with the equipment. Enjoyed ‘driving’ an ROV, seeing the emergency kits and the general yard.”


May 2022: Site Visit 2 – AMC

“Enjoyed some of the candid information that was presented, e.g., the luxury boats that were built here. Also enjoyed the presentation/video especially the project examples.”

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Testimonials from previous year:

”Well run course, good content, diverse speakers.  Right level of coverage and details for awareness course.’’ – local Operator

”Presenters are very professional in their area.’’ – UWA Lecturer

”Great combination of theory and site visits.’’ – local Operator

”Great technical knowledge shown by all presenters and great insight to current projects in the industry.’’ – Curtin Engineering Student


  • The Life Cycle of Flexible Flowlines & Risers

”All presenters were extremely good, engaging and informative. Loved the real applications that were shown.” – local Operator

”Detail was at a good level and each presenter related their parts to one another.” – UTAS student